FVE scholarship announcement 2018

Dear EAEVE Member,
As you may know, FVE has announced the Veterinary Students Scholarship Program 2018 granting $5.000 scholarship for 36 students.

The aim of the new 2018 Scholarship is to enhance the academic path and experience of 36 veterinary students (2nd -3rd year from EU Veterinary Faculties across Europe) taking into consideration their diversity and financial needs.

The EAEVE Office was informed, that unfortunately the response rate for the Scholarship Program is very low, and that only a few applications have arrived so far.

In order to raise awareness of this matter, we would be most grateful if You could kindly circulate the announcement in Your Faculty. (Please find attached.)

Thank you very much for your consideration and cooperation in advance.

With Best Wishes,

Ibolya Kószó