The History

   The first institution of higher education in the world providing scientific veterinary medicine education was opened in the early 1762 in Lyon by Claude BOURGELAT and his colleagues. This institution was established to control epidemic cattle plague and this goal was achieved in a short time. This great accomplishment that Lyon Veterinary Faculty had reached allowed for many new veterinary faculties to be established and to be attended in a short time all over Europe.
   Scientific veterinary medicine education in our country has started in 1842 for the first time in Istanbul. The military veterinary academy which was established by the leadership of a Prusian Military Veterinarian, Godlewsky, took on a responsibility of training veterinarians only for rider cavalry. But in the Ottoman Empire, which was in a serious economical difficulty at that time, the health of the cattles in the villages was not good. To find a solution to this problem, Lieutenant-Colonel Veterinarian Mehmet Ali Bey gave efforts to open another civil veterinary academy again in Istanbul, and this academy was finally opened in 1889.
   Without any doubt, the most important student of this civil veterinary academy was Mehmet Akif ERSOY, who received later the titel of a “national writer” in the country. This great writer, who signed in to the academy in 1889, graduated in 1893, ranking the first in his year. After working at a veterinary medicine organization for 20 years, he resigned from this mission later to join the National Turkish War for Independence, and he went to Ankara where Mustafa Kemal Paşa was present. Without any doubt, the greatest honor for the National Veterinary Academy was giving veterinary training to a national writer veterinarian like Mehmet Akif ERSOY.
   The military and civil veterinary academies were united under one academy, the “Higher Education Veterinary Academy”, in 1920 in Selimiye, Istanbul, and until 1933 it educated many students there. This academy in Selimiye was moved to Ankara establish a new Higher Institute of Agriculture Veterinary Faculty, which was going to be opened in 1933. Veterinary medicine education, which started in 1842 in Istanbul and continued improving for 91 years until 1933 again in Istanbul, was going to flourish in the heart of the country, in Ankara.
   But after World War II, increasing population in the country and the need for food based on growing of livestock , led to the opening up of new Veterinary Faculties and with this Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa Faculty of Veterinary Medicine started veterinary medicine education again in the buildings in Selimiye once again in 1972.
   Until 1987, the Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa Faculty of Veterinary Medicine continued education activities with limited infrastructure in the buildings in Selimiye. Finally, it was moved to Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa Avcılar Campus, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, in 1987. And this is also where veterinary medicine education is provided today. Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is proud of letting almost 5000 veterinary medicine students to graduate and contributing to the science of veterinary medicine and livestock-breeding since 1977 with its 5 main departments, 17 sub-departments with almost 100 academic staff.

Our Mission

   Our mission is to educate capable veterinarians with a strongly scientific approach by adopting state-of-the-art education principles in Istanbul, a city which in connecting Asia and Europe, and produce public information and service to improve public health and production entailing healthy animals.

Our Vision

   We aspire to be an internationally recognized and preferred faculty of veterinary medicine with a leading role in the country.