Division of Food Hygiene and Technology

Is a field of science that examines safety of the animal origin food products, their production technologies, storage conditions and food legislation, as well as makes the microbiologic, toxicologic and chemical analyses of the foods and interprets the results for the public health.



Prof. Dr. Ömer Çetin (Head Of Department)

Prof. Dr. Özer Ergün

Prof. Dr. Harun Aksu

Prof. Dr. Gürhan Raif Çiftçioğlu

Prof. Dr. Hilal Çolak

Prof. Dr. Ali Aydın

Prof.Dr. Özge Özgen Arun

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Tolga Kahraman

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Enver Barış Bingöl

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Emek Dümen

Dr. Karlo Muratoğlu

Dr. Funda Yılmaz Eker

Res. Asst. Gülay Merve Bayrakal



There are food microbiology, food chemistry, meat technology, GMO, molecular analysis, student practice laboratories and a slaughterhouse for research and student practice.



There are researchs in progress about food hygiene, food technology, food microbiology, food chemistry, food biochemistry, foodborne bacteria / pathogen genetics, food manufacturing processes, food security systems, hygiene applications, public health, foodborne infections / intoxications, foodborne viruses, foodborne parasites, organic / inorganic residues in foods, food immitation and adulterations.